"...going down to Florida and get some sand in my shoes..." - part one

2013. november 03. - solkim001

Why Florida? Why are we crazy to drive more than 3000 miles in 9 days ...?! That's a long way ... and a long story.

Last year, one of our friends talked about his Xmas plans - he drove down to Florida with his family... We planned to make the same trip next summer.

We wanted to visit national parks at this year (Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon), but the USA Government crossed everything. Due to the shutdown, all of these parks were closed.

We came up with a plan B - made a quick decision and on Saturday, we found ourselves on the I-10 ...

Here is the first part of the story - in pictures!

solkim001: DSC01796 -

Driving across the states. We were in Louisiana. This is when the road is interesting (Atchafalaya River)!

solkim001: DSC01822 -

Driver is driving, passenger is taking photos and the angel is taking care of us!

solkim001: DSC01826 -

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. And trucks are huge!

solkim001: DSC 9333 -

2nd day of the trip - 2 hrs stop at St. Augustine

solkim001: DSC 9472 -

3rd day - 1st morning at Islamorada (Florida Keys). Balcon, with(out ocean view) garden view.

solkim001: DSC 9513 -

Sea life

solkim001: DSC 9557 -


solkim001: DSC 9576 -

Leftover from the tourists

solkim001: DSC 9588 -


solkim001: DSC 9653 -

One day in the paradise

solkim001: DSC 9697 -

Popular local restaurant. They closed by 2 pm, and we got there 15 minutes before that. They served us and the food was really good!

solkim001: DSC 9799 -


solkim001: DSC 9820 -

Sunset in Florida

solkim001: DSC 9878 -

Everbody takes pictures of the sun in Florida. I dared to be different! 

solkim001: DSC02022 -

The Overseas Highway is a 127.5-mile (205.2 km) highway carrying U.S. Route 1 (US 1) through the Florida Keys.

solkim001: DSC 9929 -

Boat storage

solkim001: DSC 9952 -

Do they seem Cuban emigrants?

solkim001: DSC 9988 -

The Southernmost Hotel

solkim001: DSC 0024 -

Approximately 6500 miles from home, 1517 miles from our second home and only 90 miles from Cuba. Where to go?

solkim001: DSC 0037 -

Ice cold water and fresh coconut water!

solkim001: DSC 0107 -

Strand - Hungarian word (which means beach) in Key West!

solkim001: DSC 0118 -

Willie T's Bar in Key West. Thousands of tourists left their $1 bill here...

solkim001: DSC 0120 -

...and we left ours too!

solkim001: DSC 0147 -

Up! Stairs to the lighthouse.

solkim001: DSC 0293 -

Awesome front grill!

solkim001: DSC 0386 -

Go green!

solkim001: DSC 0422 -

Bedeko (nickname of our car) liked the Keys. He made the trip without any issue.

solkim001: DSC 0434 -

I did it!

solkim001: DSC 0455 -

It felt like a little piece of paradise.

solkim001: DSC 0462 -

Cuba libre!

solkim001: DSC 0466 -


solkim001: DSC 0482 -

I found my dream job! Bike, kayak and pedalo rentals included into the price of the room. We wanted to go for a bike ride - asked the rental guy can we get 2 bicycles? He said - yes, take whatever you want - meanwhile he was resting in his hammock and listening to Johnny Cash. Since that point, I'm thinking about a green card and moving to Florida Keys (and get a job like this).

solkim001: DSC 0487 -


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Floridában meg azért nem élnék, mert ott lakik a szuperhős/antihős "Florida Man". :D
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