OMG! Is it a car or a toy?

2014. június 22. - solkim001

I really like Fredericksburg in Texas. I always get home with a good memory from this town. First I visited it, when I was here for business trip in 2010. Those business trips were a coffee detoxication tours too, due to the lack of caffeine of the US coffee. In 2010, I was walking on the Main Street of Fredericksburg, when I felt the smell of a real good espresso... I turned back to the shop immediately. 

Last weekend, we went back to Fredericksburg. And I had a "déjà vu". Not with the coffee shop, because every time we get back we visit the Java Ranch Espresso Bar & Cafe. We were walking on the Main Street, when I saw something in a small store - a small car. I was about to shout: "OMG, there is a bubble car!", but this was not a bubble car, this was a Subaru 360!!!!


I've never seen this model. I read about it here, on a Hungarian auto magazine's website. According to the article, this Kei car is so unique, so rare, these were made only for Japan and only 10000 of them were imported to the US.

And now, there is one standing in front of me in a state where a new Mini is considered as a small car...


In the USA, shop owners logic is a little bit different than in Hungary. They don't mind, if you just get into the store to look around, explore, and leave without buying anything. Everybody can be a buyer, and the sales stuff is usually very nice with the window shoppers. 

This was the case with Danny Bell, the owner of the Subaru and the Havana Reef Trading Co. I stopped at his store with my DLSR camera, showing no real interest about shopping. 

He told me that he bought this little 1968 car to use it, he participated on a couple of car shows with it, but than he decided to store it in his shop. So he drained the fuel, disconnected the batteries and now, the car is sitting behind the front door and hunting for tourists.

I told him the story about Imre Hegedus and his trip from Japan to Budapest in a same, little car.

I did not buy a single thing, but I came out with a nice memory. I'd recommend to y'all if you visit Fredericksburg, stop by Danny's store!


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