I'm lovin' it

2015. január 05. - solkim001

Is it a college job? Is it just a way to get money, pay your bills and quit, whenever you get anything better? Is he the real Ronald McDonald?   Answer is on you. I saw a McDonald's restaurant on Burnet Road with a Chinese figure next to the logo, and I took this photo on the Chinese New Year…


The Graffiti Artist

About four weeks ago, we went to the Baylor Street Art Wall where I had the following conversation with one of the artists: Hey! You have a lot of stuff in your suitcase! You should see my trunk. I have 10 times more. I've never thought that this is so complicated. Are you here on every…


The Junk King

Austin has a motto - "Keep Austin Weird". You can see this printed on T-Shirts, rear bumpers of the cars, at restaurants, almost everywhere. You can get this feeling in Southern part of the city, just go for a window shopping on South Congress Avenue.  Or just compare 2 Chuy's restaurants -…

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